2013 Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts, by Sarah Brinks

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  1. Scott L says:

    I just saw these at the IFC Center this weekend. I think “Feral” was probably my favorite (or maybe more accurately – it was the most impressive), and I really liked “Possessions” and “Mr. Hublot,” as well. “Room on the Broom” was fine, but I think I have some lingering dislike for that studio after their “Gruffalo” short last year. The “Get a Horse!” short was by far the worst and could have been dropped for one of the Highly Commended shorts they showed along with the Oscar nominees, but the Academy does love things that celebrate the movies.

    Both the French chicken short and the Irish short about the squirrel missing his scarf from the Highly Commended shorts were great. The Pixar one about the umbrella I could do without, though.

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