Blackest Night, by Matt Warren

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  1. Shane says:

    While I agree that the movie is pretty awful, I have to respectfully disagree about Green Lantern as a superhero. In fact, I disagree that there are only a handful of “good” superheroes. There are ones that are more resilient than others, and maybe Green Lantern is one that doesn’t fit with the times as well (although I personally think it does.) But there are plenty of good superheroes. The Green Lanterns, in particular, have a built-in mythology that lends itself to a lot of great storytelling opportunities. I think those opportunities were actively ignored, across the board, for this movie.

    Clearly your mind is made up about this character, and that’s fair. All of this is simply to say: As a fan of comic books in general (Batman is my favorite), and a fan of Green Lantern, what I hate most about this Green Lantern movie is not how disjointed the story is, or how tired and lame and predictable Ryan Reynolds is. Or even how early-aughts-video-game the CGI is. What I hate most is how many people this movie has convinced that Green Lantern sucks.

    For the record, as big a fan as I am of superheroes, I agree that they need to cool it on the movies. That’s always been the problem, they just crank them out instead of trying to make them consistently good.

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