Cheerleading, by Daniel Bergamini

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  1. Yes! Thank you for writing this! It has felt like I’m the only person in the online movie world who is excited for this despite the horrible trailers. How can people write off a film with such great talent behind it?

  2. Daniel Winston says:

    There are some old school ERB fans out there that have been waiting for this for 100 years. Even though Stanton picked plot points from later books ( that star another lead other than Carter!), and allegedly changed wig-wearing for disguise to shape-shifting, people who are leaking say it still follows “Princess”. As long as we get blood (even though Disney wants it another color Stanton can have buckets more than were it red!) and the opening of “Gods of Mars” in 2015-which is one of the best sequences in any book in history-seriously-River iss pilgrims, Plant Men, White Apes, Thern cliff caves,etc, its gonna be the best sequel since “Empire”. I am a Frazetta/Whelan fan of the art, but am glad Stanton kept closer to the book than what Conran-and I think “Sky Captain” was so under appreciated-was gonna do with the modern day opening with the Powell ending reveal. Want more nakedness maybe, but to nickpick a guy with his track record attached to his labor of love piece-like Jackson’s Kong-would be bad in this age of fast cuts and silly violence ala Underworld, Bourne, FastFurious, and hundreds more to numerous. With the success of Carter, this hopefully will bring in the era of the masculine perspective of early 20th century pulp Sci-fi produced in the age of good VFX. I encourage anyone to immediately read all of ERB, and advocate the productions of Pellucidar, Venus, Caprona and others. Thanks Dan for letting me spout. I wanted to make Tarzana March 2, but will see everyone for “Gods..” in a few years! Love you L Collins!

  3. Kob says:

    I’ll begin by saying i’m not much of cheerleader when it comes to films, it feels (a lot like this article) that’s presumptive of a film’s success. Now, obviously films require a certain amount of hope/expectation going into it but I think you’re glossing over the point that the marketing for this film has been poor and inconclusive.

    What have we learned from the marketing so far? If i hadn’t read any articles I still would not have known what the name of the races are (in fact i have no idea of anybody’s names apart from the titular character). How did he get to Mars? Why is he there? These questions should be answered in the film but the marketing hasn’t brought these areas up for discussion. And the posters have been rather bland and unexcting and don’t suggest much of an adventure for me. Same goes for the trailers.

    The last point I want to make is looking towards the cast and talent and assuming/hoping they’ll deliver the goods. They may well produce a good film but everything they’ve shown so far has come across as a little, uninspired. They still need to prove that this concept works, instead of looking at the past and the success of previous films.

    • I do agree that Disney has failed in the marketing for this film, even if the trailers and posters work for me. The reason it works for me is that I have read the books and understand what the images mean, and know what they are hinting at. This is, of course, an issue for all those millions of people who have not read the material. Disney needs to step up their game in the next month as the release is approaching soon.

      That being said, I also believe in trusting filmmakers who have strong trackrecords. I realize this doesn’t always work as even the best filmmakers can produce failures. However, when a filmmaker like Stanton has proved himself many times, I think it is only fair to trust him with this film.

  4. Scott Nye says:

    I just pictured a guy who really has been waiting for this for 100 years. “Won’t die ’til I see it, I won’t!”

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