Complete Unknown: Starting from Scratch, by Tyler Smith

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  1. Lisa Wallerstein says:

    Thank you for explaining the film to me (though you give Marston a lot of credit when he was just a backdrop to me). The story is far more implausible than the viewer would like it to be … How does her credit situation work, for example? Credit cards are a major prop in the film and it’s not that easy. Notice that she doesn’t answer his question about what she does for money. Where does she get the training for the ER procedure she performs, and how does she stay so young during all that time? And so alone? Only in movies are beautiful young women free of boyfriends. I remember the persuit of males literally impossible to escape. Evolution doesn’t allow women to be that free and that alone. Additionally, I read that it takes four hours a day to stay truly organized … as one individual. The film was a beautifully executed fantasy, entirely impossible as a citizen of a developed country. Thank you so much for the well written, thought-provoking comments!

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