EPISODE 218: with special guest PETE HOLMES

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  1. Steve C. says:

    Here here on “Inception”- a movie about the dream world where nothing actually dream-like happens. A lot of Jerry Bruckheimer/Joel Silver/Michael Bey action happens, but nothing actually surreal. That would be Michel Gondry’s territory (“Eternal Sunshine”, “The Science of Sleep”). There are so many other shows that just assume everyone’s on board with this being a good movie. I remember around Oscar its fans were lamenting “yeah, ‘The King’s Speech’ will probably win b/c it’s classy and ‘Inception’ is just too weird.” I think people were so stoked about it b/c it was a terrible summer of retreads and sequels last year and this at least was an original screenplay with fx and big stars.

    Oh and I have to watch “American Psycho” again after this episode with this new awareness that none of it may have happened- only it did in his mind.

    Oh, redux- good on you for recommending my fave “slasher” movie to Larriane Newman “Behind the Mask”- such a good, smart little movie.

  2. Battleship Pretension says:

    Hey, if you enjoy “Behind the Mask,” feel free to listen to episode 143, which features our discussion with star Nathan Baesel.

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