EPISODE 263: with special guest RODNEY ASCHER

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5 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    Great episode. I really like this guy.

    Tyler, you may be interested in the documentary “God’s Cartoonist: The Comic Crusades of Jack T. Chick” I screened it a few years ago at my festival. Chick has sort of a cult following in the graphic novel community due to his gonzo tendencies. I highly recommend the film, as the more it scratches the surface of the myth and the man, the more mysterious Jack Chick becomes. http://www.godscartoonist.com/

  2. JoeViturbo says:

    Room 237 sounds awesome. That Rodney Asher sounds like a cool guy too.

  3. Steve C. says:

    I’m mightily looking forward to seeing “Room 237”. I love “Visions of Terror”…I’m sending it to everybody. Oh man, so scary.

  4. Mark says:

    Is there any way that I can see “Room 237” sometime soon? Has it been picked up for distribution? Is it on youtube? How do I watch this thing?!

  5. Mark H says:

    IFC Films picked it up in February, though I don’t think there’s been an announcement yet of when it’s being released.

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