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FTA: Fun, Travel, Adventure, by David Bax

Right now is probably not the most ideal time to be touting a movie’s new restoration overseen by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The scandal over that organization’s lack of diversity is only the latest controversy to plague Francine Parker’s...


Gunda: Glucksschwein, by David Bax

In many ways, Viktor Kosakovskiy’s Gunda is not a traditional animal documentary. It has no narration, doesn’t impose characters and storylines onto its subjects and it’s completely in black and white. But it does have one of the most compelling...


Dear Santa: For Goodness’ Sake, by David Bax

Dana Nachman’s sweet and uplifting documentary Dear Santa does not waste its energy trying to pretend it’s anything other than a recruitment ad for the United States Postal Service’s Operation Santa program. And why should it? Not only is it...