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  1. Max says:

    David is 100-percent wrong on this one. There are social norms. Revving engines, using power tools in your garage, and playing basketball are dick moves after 9 pm and before 9 am on weekends.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      Those are just the price of admission for living in the same area where other people want to live.

      – David

      • Scott Nye says:

        It’s the opposite, actually – the price of admission is that you have to take others into consideration when you’re doing something disruptive. Not that I wouldn’t live in a secluded house if I could afford it, but basically the only place that would be remotely feasible would be buying one of those $500 plots of land in the Utah desert. ESPECIALLY given that there are more people surrounding us, there’s a basic expectation of respect for the public space, to not actively interfere with the peace of those around you unless necessary. Even during the day, I don’t play music or movies above a certain volume, and if anybody were to complain, I’d just throw on headphones. This is part of living in a society, in community with others – you don’t just get to do any damn thing you want and the people around you can shove it. There are minor disturbances that come into play just as a course of living; no need to add to those.

      • Max says:

        There is a price of admission, but both parties pay. It is called the social contract. David actually does not address the point. It is a big dick move to make loud, sustained noise after 9 pm. The quiet neighbor (in this case Tyler) is free to ignore it, stew in frustration, or angrily confront his noise neighbor, amongst many options. The choice of response doesn’t change the fact that making the noise in the first place is a dick move.

        David’s argument is revealed for the its lopsidedness when applied in another realm: “Minorities and women in Hollywood should just accept that the price for working in a white, male dominated industry is fewer opportunities.” David is on record as rejecting such a proposition in the past (and for good reason). But, David is using the same flawed logic. In this case, David’s position on personal responsibility (i.e., “suck it up and deal, Tyler”) ignores that being prejudice is, like making noise after 9:00pm, a dick move. Obviously, prejudice is a way bigger dick move.

        (Conceivably, the neighbor in question could be a Klansman who owns a muscle car or motorcycle and revs his engine after 9pm to express racial hatred. In that case, the revving of the engine would encompass both facets of dick-ness, making it an even bigger dick move than either dick moves alone. Because it is difficult to discern the motive behind a revving engine (or any loud, sustained noise after 9pm). I think Tyler is better served by assuming his neighbor is a Klansman revving his engine as a hate-inspired sound-ordinance violation. Thus, Tyler’s indignation is best construed as just and righteous.)

        This is not the first time that David has made such lopsided arguments. He has had no problem faulting Tyler in the past for having a problem with people at outdoor movies. (To be sure, Tyler likely does have a lower than usual tolerance for social annoyance, which no doubt makes his life a constant toil.) Tyler’s choice of response (e.g., sitting on a swing, alone in the dark, like a sad child whose parents are fighting again inside the house after seeing his report card) does not change the fact that making noises at a public movie–outdoors or otherwise–is a dick move.

        The debate is really one of degree–both in terms of the action and the response.

        • Battleship Pretension says:

          Jesus Christ, what the fuck? This is not an issue anywhere near the level of social injustice. That’s laughable. My thing is, if loud noise bothers you, you’re probably being either a baby or a grumpy old coot. And if you complain about it, either to your neighbor or by snitching to some other authority (landlord, cops, housing association, etc.) you are the one being oppressive.

          If anything, if I were going to use your crazily exaggerated analogy, the one who is bothered is the establishment attempting to keep the noisemakers in their place. Again, though, this comparison is insane.

          – David

          • bob says:

            god forbid you have a an actual baby, and the car revving its engine – or some jackass’s Harley – will wake it up.

            i think the bigger issue is: keep your windows closed. it’s surprising how much quieter it is. burn some AC, cheapo!

          • Craig says:

            I don’t know…..One time my downstairs neighbor was watching THE BACHELORETTE too loudly and I was all like “AHA! This must be exactly what centuries of unmitigated oppression feels like!”

        • Battleship Pretension says:

          Also (and I cannot believe y’all have gotten me so worked up about this), to address Scott’s point, this is NOT public space we’re talking about. This is, in fact, the heart of the issue for me. People playing music out loud on the bus? People talking at movies? I don’t like those things because that IS public space. But the price of admission I’m talking about is living somewhere that has so many private spaces so close to each other.

          – David

          • Scott Nye says:

            The air is public, man. But seriously, if you have the means and inclination to modify your private space so that it does not interfere with mine, go to town. But the idea that someone can do whatever they want, regardless of the effect it has on others, just because they’re renting a room next to me, isn’t a good model for society.

            Also, I have 100% complained to a landlord in one case (where his music was so loud, my cabinets were rattling) and the cops in another about noise. And like them or not, there are laws (in the form of the aforementioned noise ordinances) to back me up on that. If I’m a baby for preferring not to have a migraine or no sleep while in my own home because some twentysomething with zero responsibilities wants to blast his bass on a work night, it’s a label I can live with.

          • Battleship Pretension says:

            You’re not necessarily a baby. You might be a coot!

            – David

          • Scott Nye says:

            “Baby” is more applicable, trust me.

          • Max says:

            Dude, your argument is lopsided. Social injustice was a perfect tool for demonstrating it. Man up, suck a dick, and admit it: Sometimes neighbors making noise can be dicks. Sometimes Tyler is being overly sensitive. Sometimes opinions from random dudes online are over the top. Sometimes David’s reaction to them is knee-jerk. “The debate is really one of degree–both in terms of the action and the response.”

  2. Battleship Pretension says:

    Boy, wouldn’t it be nice if people responded this passionately about our movie opinions…



    • Scott Nye says:

      Youth? Not that good.

    • Juhani Kenttä says:

      I sought out Bone Tomahawk on account of your praise, Tyler, and I’m really glad I did! Besides laughing, I don’t usually react to movies audibly but that big gory scene of Bone Tomahawk made me contort my whole body and let out a loud groan.

  3. bob says:

    i’m on Tyler’s side, for the most part. Loud noises you can control (i.e. crying babies and barking dogs can be kept inside & muffled) – are verboten between 9pm & 9am. mowing your lawn? 9AM. Using an impact wrench? no later than 9:30pm.

    that being said, someone vocalizing frustration while cleaning out a garage should not be loud enough to warrant such annoyance. how can you hear him so well? are your windows open?

    But yes: any artificially loud noise (Harleys, boomboxes, etc) – shut that shit down!

    • Scott Nye says:

      Amusingly, the only consistent disturbance in my current apartment is a guy next door who yells at his TV all night while watching basketball, but it’s so amusing (and really not THAT loud) that I’d never ever try to stop him.

  4. andy says:

    The Great Beauty is miles better than Youth, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a film that makes me both laugh and cry every time. The casting, acting, camera work and music all come together to provide a genuine masterpiece. As for Youth, a bit of a let down, it doesn’t even come close to II Divo.

  5. andy says:

    As for noisy neighbours, they need to be boiled alive then cut into tiny pieces. Then reported.

    • Alexander Miller says:

      Youth was terrific, and like your reaction to seeing it I immediately thought “I need to see The Great Beauty” and damn, what a good movie.

      Youth and Bone Tomahawk were close contenders for my top ten of 2015, great movies.

      PS Tyler, did they give you a Bloefeld cat with your giant chair? nyuk nyuk….

  6. a_freudian_fan says:

    “A spider in dreams is a symbol of the mother, but of the phallic mother, of whom we are afraid; so that the fear of spiders expresses dread of mother-incest and horror of the female genitals”.

  7. Nick says:

    I gotta side with David on this one.

    Bothering your neighbors with loud noise at night: Perfectly reasonable.

    Sweatpants in public: Inconsiderate asshole.

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