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  1. Nick S. says:

    My hot take: I honestly enjoy Ron Howard’s version of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and I try to watch it every Christmas.

  2. David says:

    1. Keanu. Two movies. In The Gift he is terrifying as a town bully and abusive hu8sband. In Something’s Got To Give he’s completely believable as a genuinely happy, charming doctor who really enjoys Diane Keaton’s character. Those alone justify his abilities beyond the roles made for him.

    2. Regarding Maria Falconetti and Charles Laughton, I think it’s okay to include people who achieve what they have, even if the sum of their achievements doesn’t meet the level of others’ sums. What she did on screen and he did as a director are things most others would never be able to do given 30 opportunities. I would put Night of the Hunter above all of Stanley Kramer’s films, though some of them are undeniably great, and he made more great ones. But he couldn’t do Night of the Hunter. Likewise Sigourney Weaver, who I love, and Tilda Swinton couldn’t do what Falconetti did in Joan of Arc, nor would I say they’ve ever risen to her level, though they are both reliably great. The level of the achievement can justify inclusion.

  3. Sarah says:

    I never think of Bergman when I think of Casablanca. While Casablanca is iconic, Bergman, to me, stands out in Gaslight, The Bell’s of St Mary, Spellbound, Joan of Arc and Indiscreet.

    To quote the episode, “You guys have homework.”

  4. Adam R Blount says:

    In regards to Barbara Stanwyck: Christmas in Connecticut, Night Nurse, The Furies, and Meet John Doe. Wonderful performances in all of those from her.

  5. Sterling Barker says:

    Just wanted to second Adam’s Barbara Stanwyck recommendations and to add that she’s also good in The Strange Love of Martha Ivers and in (the predictable, but pretty charming) Remember the Night.

  6. dbsweeney says:

    “Life is very short, and there’s no time
    For fussing and fighting, my friend.”

    From the Beatles’ song, We Can Work It Out. I’d suggest there were a few Fab Four fans among the scriptwriters of Loaded Weapon.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      Yes, it’s from the Beatles song but, when I said it, I was referencing Loaded Weapon 1 and Tyler knew that because we’ve been friends for seventeen years.

      – David

  7. Scott Nye says:

    CASABLANCA is one of my very favorite films, and played a big role in my voting for Ingrid Bergman, but the real story to me with her is her work with Rossellini. STROMBOLI in particular. Really like top-five-all-time performances right there.

    As for Stanwyck…yeah DOUBLE INDEMNITY’s really a tiny window into her capacity. Gimme CLASH BY NIGHT, gimme BABY FACE.

  8. Darby says:

    Yeah, I think the guys were off in attributing Bergman’s ranking to Casablanca. She’s fine in that film but for the film fan, it’s her work with Rosselini that abides. Especially since Criterion and the BFI have put out very high profile releases of that material recently.

  9. Julius says:

    Not surprised but still sad to see Marilyn Monroe did not make it. If the most underrated actress of all time can’t make the top 25 at the Battleship, where can she make the top 25?

  10. Tommy says:

    You guys talk about not wanting a recency bias, yet moan there isn’t more diversity?

  11. Steve B. says:

    The acting style of many famous golden age actresses usually just completely takes me out of the movie. I still like (even love) some older movies overall, but not generally for the acting. That’s why I didn’t include hardly any on my top 30 actresses and none made the cut for my top 5. Plus the performances I do like from back then are often for actresses that don’t have a big body of work, or I’ve only seen one or 2 (for example, Susan Harrison and Miriam Hopkins, respectively). Having a body of work of at least a handful of good roles was a qualifier for me. If not, I may have listed Solveig Dommartin, who I only know from “Wings of Desire.”

    Here is my list with both actors and actresses- #6-10 were my submitted top 5 actresses.

    My hot take: Tilda Swinton could play Joan of Arc just as good as Maria Falconetti. I don’t care if she is too old for the part, she’s already played the angel Gabriel rather convincingly (right, David?).

  12. Ben says:

    Thanks for the warning about the indiscretion taking place in the classic photo from “From Here to Eternity.” I would like to bring up what I feel is the more glaring error in the scene of people making out on the sand….PEOPLE MAKING OUT ON THE SAND! How can that possibly be romantic? Sand getting everywhere and salt water flooding your mouth with every roll of the tide!?!?! No, thank you.

  13. Padraig says:

    Jeez guys, bit embarrassed for you! Stanwyck’s got an awful lot more going on than Double Indemnity.

    Key figure of the pre-code era who lasted a pretty crazy length for an actress of her era without having to rely on the star factor granted (i.e. rather limited range of roles, very favourable presentation) to a lot of actresses from that era.
    Worked with the likes Wilder, Sturges, Sirk, Vidor, Capra, Hawks and Fuller.

    Episode 510 should be about Stanwyck.

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