EPISODE 510: artist profile of JOHN WILLIAMS, part 3

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  1. Thomas says:

    West Anthony asked about Sing Street, “Where do they get money to record demos, and where do they record them?” Which is a weird thing to ask. I’m not sure what made him think these kids are making professional demos…If by “demos” he means the tapes that Cosmo gives to Raphina, I assumed they were just recorded through a boombox or something in the one kid’s living room, where they rehearse. In fact I’m pretty sure one of the scenes (the Hall/Oates sounding song) shows them doing exactly that.

  2. Nigel Cratchpheasant says:

    One notable thing about Lincoln is its possible relationship to Williams’ score for JFK. Both prominently feature a solo trumpet accompanied by strings and percussion. In JFK, the solo trumpet is noble, militaristic, but also kind of paranoid as if smelling something rotten in the American dream. I wouldn’t be surprised if Williams wrote the Lincoln score as a direct prequel to the JFK score, in a sense, because it has a similar vibe in a lot of ways but is ultimately a little more hopeful and positive-seeming. Just think there’s a lot to consider about how those two scores relate, in a historical and thematic sense.

  3. Nigel Cratchpheasant says:

    Also, just wanted to offer a counterpoint to David’s perception that for many people, Rogue One is taking some of the shine off TFA. For what it’s worth my experience is the opposite, most people I know share my opinion which is, I certainly liked Rogue One, but I LOVED TFA, so Rogue One feels slightly disappointing. (If I had to choose one reason, Daisy Ridley was so good and I was so invested in Rey, but I didn’t feel nearly as strong about anything in Rogue One) And among critics you guys seem on the extreme, when I think of my other favorite movie podcasts, all 8 of those people had reactions that ranged from medium positive to mildly disappointed. Not trying to argue, just thought David’s perception was interesting when my own feels quite different.

    • Scott Molling says:

      Have to agree here. Rogue One was enjoyable but I have watched The Force Awakens a whole bunch of times this past year and have no desire to watch Rogue One again anytime soon. I get how people could like Rogue One more, but I get the feeling the reaction to the movie has been a little more mixed than TFA was.

      I do think David/Tyler’s reactions are just likely to be different from people who have more of a love of Star Wars stuff.

  4. Scott Molling says:

    Glad to hear some love from West for The Terminal. Always thought it was minor Spielberg but I really enjoy it as a Capra-esque romantic comedy. Big movie stars, great music, funny in a way the whole family can appreciate. I just always thought it was a solid movie that regular people overlook and movie people seem to downright hate.

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