Episode 676: What’s Entertainment?!

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  1. bob says:

    Tyler, i feel like you missed a potential cogent point in regards to your hypothetical conversation with “Certain Audiences”. Yes, Parasite is entertaining, and some audiences don’t like subtitles. They didn’t mind subtitles when it came to Passion of The Christ – but that film is *not entertainment* to them. That movie was homage, homework, and/or something to be revered.

    It was the Dunkirk or 1917 of its time – flawed as a “complete film” but made uniquely in a way that depicts real/history/story and makes you *feel it*. The Aramaic is an artifice b/c they already know the dialogue. I wonder if they feel the same way about Apocalypto (a much more “entertaining” film)

    Personally, i’ll admit: for the most part, i will turn on the dubbed soundtrack if it’s available – especially for lighter fare. If there isn’t a dub available, that’s fine, it doesn’t irk me. What *does* irk me is when i’m looking at the audio tracks on Netflix, and i see: Mandarin, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Hungarian (or whatever). If you’re gonna dub it 5 times, into Castillian Spanish and Mexican Spanish, etc – you can’t throw English a bone? WTF

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