Fan Disservice, by David Bax

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4 Responses

  1. Hudsucker says:

    This looks like a contender for worst of the year.

    • Sarah Brinks says:

      Fair enough Bax! I will admit right off the bat, this is not a great movie. I loved the book (the sequel is even better), but you’re missing an important element here.
      As a man I don’t think you can fully grasp “the Darcy effect”. For many, many women out there who have read/watched Pride and Prejudice in their romantic formative years he is still the fictional man we measure real men up against. Austenland, however clumsily, tries to show that there is a moment in every women’s life when she has to give up the “Darcy Dream” as Jane does in the film.
      I saw this in a theater of all women and there were palpable moments when we all collectively swooned, sighed, and gasped together all hoping Jane can nab her Darcy and live the life we’ve all dreamed of since first seeing Colin Firth come out of a pond wearing a white shirt.
      I’m not trying to excuse a lack luster film, just offer a different perspective. Austenland is a movie women will own on DVD and watch with their girlfriends while having wine, it’s not high art but serves its purpose.

      • Battleship Pretension says:

        I felt like it was exploiting that commonality in Austen fans more than actually exploring or dealing with it.

        – David

  2. Sarah Brinks says:

    Again fair enough!

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