Home Video Hovel: Space Cop, by Tyler Smith

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4 Responses

  1. Dave E says:

    You hit the nail on the head when you compared it to the silly movies people make in middle school with their friends. That is how the entire movie felt, just with a bigger budget. While I’m sure the Red Letter Media crew was happy with the end product, I can’t imagine anyone who is not already a fan of their stuff to appreciate it at all. I was really disappointed. I expected more from these guys, and still they could make something great if they really tried.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      Even now, I feel kind of conflicted writing such a negative review. As you said, I’m sure they enjoyed themselves, and they clearly worked fairly hard on the project. But I think it all lasted so long that they might have lost perspective.
      There is enough good stuff here to suggest that, as you mentioned, they’d definitely be able to make a solidly effective movie, whether it be comedy, drama, or horror. But it would require a bit more discipline than they exercised with SPACE COP.
      It’s one thing to make a movie with a niche audience in mind and cater to that audience. It’s quite another to depend on the forgiveness and goodwill of said audience. This is what’s wrong with Christian films; they assume the audience is so with them that they’re willing to settle too often.
      I’m glad I saw the film, so that I could see exactly where the Red Letter Media crew excels and where it doesn’t. I just wish they had put in a little more effort.

      • Dave E says:

        Making anything with a “built-in” audience is dangerous. You can easily fall into the hole of “you didn’t like it? Well, you just don’t get it”, which is interesting, because the same could be said about truly great films. I will say, that I am seeing a lot of RLM fans let down by SPACE COP, so even their audience isn’t receiving the film all that well. I suppose that shouldn’t surprise me TOO much, as I was at the very least expecting something that more closely resembled a real movie.

        I think they also shot themselves in the foot a bit by trying to make a “bad movie”. I don’t think it’s possible to make a “good” bad movie on purpose. Something like DEATH SPA can only arise from catastrophe. Also, it completely shields them from criticism. “It’s not meant to be good, so if people don’t like it, that’s good” should never be a filmmaker’s goal. I can’t exactly say what their intentions were, as I haven’t had the heart to listen to the commentary yet, but I have a sneaking suspicion that they are afraid to really try and make something good out of fear of failing. But, what do I know.

        I will say that the Len Kabasinski cameo was hilarious.

  2. John Fro says:

    If only they had not gone the vanity route and hired professional actors to play the leads, it might have worked out better.

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