Oscar Thoughts, by Daniel Bergamini

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8 Responses

  1. Andy says:

    I wouldn’t put her in my top 5 but I don’t think Melissa McCarthy’s nomination is completely ridiculous.

  2. Robert H. says:

    Contra previous comment, I’m right there with you: “In a year when Melissa McCarthy’s shitting in a sink gets an Oscar nod, maybe it is time for us to stop analyzing on the cinematic significance of Oscar nominations.”

  3. Aaron says:

    Film fans didn’t care for The Artist? I loved it…seems Scott Nye really liked it as well reading the article posted on this site.

    • Aaron says:

      Also, it’s a very common complaint that the Oscars don’t give enough love to comedies. Yet when they do people complain it should have been a more serious performance. This just illustrates to me why the Oscars will never “get it right.” There is no right.

      • Scott Nye says:

        Scott Nye did love THE ARTIST! But I didn’t think it’s one of the best films of the year, and of those nominated for Best Picture, I’d put it…fifth or sixth, depending on how I feel about THE DESCENDANTS that day.

        And I am in total agreement with your comments about the Oscars and comedies. Granted, I’d rather they have gone with Jodie Foster than Melissa McCarthy, but I can’t really fault them for it either. It’s not like I wasn’t laughing my ass off both times, and I am really, really pleased that nearly that entire category is comedic performances.

        • Aaron says:

          My reactions to the nominees every year are this: If I can look at the list and say that overall there are some pretty damn good movies on it, I’m happy.

          Two of my favorites of the year were Rango and Drive, but I’m not going to begrudge the Academy for putting Hugo over them, because at least this might get people to seek out some pretty good movies. I know I plan on seeing A Cat in Paris and Chico and Rita now thanks to the Oscars!

  4. Tony Farnborough says:

    I wouldn’t be too harsh on academy voters. They only really get 1 vote in their categories despite getting to name 5 nominees. Tyler & David often moan about the absence of comedy but how many times would they pick a comedy film or comedy performance as their number 1 choice of the year? Personally I think they should be 5 nominees for every category with all the voters 5 choices counting (1 point each) when they tally the votes. This would (obviously) much better represent the true feelings of what the academy thinks are the 5 best achievements in each category. Blame the voting system not the voter. Having said that, also remember the average age of an academy voter is 57 so their taste is likely to be a little different than the average critic who tends to be more in the 35-54 bracket and the average internet film who tend to fall more into the 16-34 bracket.

    • Tony Farnborough says:

      Also add to that, their prime job isn’t too watch movies like critics. If you’ve got a big a pile of screeners to watch over Christmas and only the chance to watch 10 films what’s going in your DVD player? Well regarded (but easy watches) like Midnight In Paris, Hugo, The Artist, War Horse, Moneyball, The Descendants, The Help etc. or tough little indies like Shame, We Need To Talk About Kevin and Tyrannosaur. As for the Extremely Loud best pic nom I think it shows more the flaws of the voting system and having too many nominees rather than mass affection from the Academy. It only has 1 other nomination.

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