Scott’s Top Ten of 2017

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    The two of these I’ve seen were also among my least favorite movies of the year. Personal Shopper combined multiple genres in order to do none of them well. Rather than tension in the texting scenes, I just rolled my eyes at her putting up with the complete jerk on the other end. And Song to Song for me never made that leaden opening work. Fassbender imitating an ape was pretty much the only worthwhile part of the film.

    • Mike M says:

      While Tyler and David do bring up valid flaws regarding Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri, I am surprised that they imply that it’s a bad film. Mark Kermode from BBC 5 Live posted a solid review on youtube of Three Billboards, which highlights several points (too many to mention here) that make this film work. Now, Mark doesn’t bring up how tone deaf the film can be, nor that one scene with the priest, but are those flaws that torpedo the film? Is it a bad film? I would be interested in hearing Tyler and David speak further about how this film (as well as other films) had somehow crossed the line and sunk into “bad film” territory.

      • FictionIsntReal says:

        I liked Three Billboards a good deal. But then I also don’t typically care much how “tone deaf” a film is in avoiding things that might upset people. I don’t see a problem with the priest scene: she indicts all priests as a whole even if only some are bad, and she winds up angry at all the police even not all are so deserving of her anger.

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