Selected for Extinction, by Tyler Smith

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3 Responses

  1. Raymond says:

    In my internet bubble there was a sudden spike in advertising, anticipation, teaser trailers for trailers and then it came out and it was… flat. It just looks inherently silly. And bad.

    The unexpected success of Jurassic World may have gotten to their heads as this seems strangely wayward.

    Oh and not since Pompeii has outrunning a pyroclastic flow looked dumber.

  2. Steve B. says:

    I’m certain that there is much more to the plot than what we see in this first trailer. My young son is a Jurassic Park fanatic who does not care a bit about spoilers, so by association I have heard a lot about every plot leak (intentional and unintentional) and seen a few behind the scenes promotional videos. I’m pretty sure the volcano/destruction of Isla Nublar is related to ideas from the original Crichton novels. From what I’ve heard, there are places the 2nd half of the movie that is only minimally flashed on screen in the trailer. There are important characters/actors that we don’t see at all, and others we see flashes of, but no explanation. If it’s as good as the other “part 2” in the franchise (The Lost World), but with a better ending, I’ll be happy.

    The ethical theme of the movie looks to be the dinos’ rights to survive. Has Ian Malcolm reversed course on his position from 1993? “Dinosaurs had their chance and nature selected them for extinction.” Maybe its not so much the rights of a species, but the rights of individuals, such as “Rexy the T-Rex” and “Blue the Velociraptor” that we’re concerned about in this movie.

    You should brace yourself for a cliff-hanger-y ending because I’ve heard that they had always planned a 3-movie story arc for Jurassic World.

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