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C’mon C’mon: Never Never, by David Bax

There’s a roadblock to my appreciation of Mike Mills C’mon C’mon that keeps popping up as the movie goes along. Johnny (Joaquin Phoenix) is some sort of radio or podcast producer and, throughout the story, he’s working on some cringe-ass...


Aaron’s Top Ten of 2018

It just isn’t fair to pick only 10 films to represent the best of 2018—this is a year that could easily warranted a Top 20. In fact, I could completely rearrange this list, including 10 different titles, and be completely...


Scott’s Top Ten of 2018

2018 was an especially strong year for cinema. I considered many variations of this list, and have viewed many others with which I can find little objection. If that’s not an abundance of riches, well…I’ll settle for it. Honorable mentions...

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