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Comic-Con 2016: Day Three/Four, by David Bax

24 Jul


After Friday’s highlight of Blair Witch, I was glad to have a relaxed schedule on Saturday. If you’re looking for coverage of the major Warner Bros. and Marvel announcements and trailers from Hall H, look to the sites that do that well, with insight from people dedicated enough to wait all night for the chance to bring you the news. Instead, I decided to start off with a comic book panel.


Comic-Con 2016: Day Two, by David Bax

23 Jul


Friday at San Diego Comic-Con this year was a light day for me, panel-wise, but not without its highlights, culminating in one of my all-time favorite SDCC experiences. I started off walking through the PetCo Interactive Zone, an offsite attraction mostly useful for the food trucks around which movie and TV studios have gathered in the hopes of gaining more precious inches of marketing real estate. Here, you can get your picture taken with the Ghostbusters car, walk through the cabin from Ash vs. the Evil Dead or visit something that I guess is supposed to be Walking Dead-related but also has a huge Jack in the Box logo on it. Me, I was mostly there for the food trucks. I got one of those burritos that has french fries in it. It was okay.


Comic-Con 2016: Day One, by David Bax

22 Jul


Much has been made of the fact that big movie studios are increasingly staying away from San Diego Comic-Con. As far as panels in the legendary Hall H go, it’s faster to list which studios are presenting material than which ones aren’t. Yet, despite the diaspora, I had a great movie-centric first day at this year’s convention.



18 Jul


In this episode, Tyler and David are joined by Mike Celestino to discuss the upcoming panels and events at Comic-Con 2016.

Dial M for Meetup 2016!

9 Jul

m for meetup 2016

Hey, Watch This! Comic-Con 2015

21 Jul


In this episode, David and guest host Kate Kulzick discuss this year’s Comic-Con.



20 Jul


In this episode, Tyler and David discuss what they saw at this year’s Comic-Con.

Comic-Con 2015: Hannibal

11 Jul


Well, this is it. The final panel for recently canceled Hannibal. There was some talk of Netflix turning it down due to a legal conflict and Bryan Fuller essentially turning Amazon down because they wanted it fast and cheap. And there was some talk of a possible movie. But mostly it was a forum where questions were asked and appreciation was shown. There was a sense of finality, to be sure, but mostly one of celebration, not mourning. We saw a trailer for the back half of season three that showed us finally getting to the Red Dragon stuff and in a delightfully creepy way. And then Fuller made a brief and extemporaneous speech about why he avoids rape stories on his show. It was thoughtful, respectful and touching and it finally made me feel sad that we won’t be seeing any more of this one of a kind series.

Comic-Con 2015: Outlander

11 Jul


This is how you do a Comic-Con panel for a TV show. Sure, at the Outlander panel, they mentioned the upcoming home video release and showed some very cool looking footage from the next season. But mostly, a Comic-Con panel for something like this is supposed to be about unabashed fan service. And that’s what they were serving. They drank whisky and made saucy jokes (Caitriona Balfe: “If I could count how many times Sam hit me over the head-” Sam Heughan: “With my ‘sword.'”). The stars teased each other (Heughan: ” I would do anything for you.” Balfe: *gagging gesture*). It got weird (Balfe putting eyeliner on Heughan). It was great. Oh and the Blu-ray comes out September 29th.

Comic-Con 2015: The Last Man on Earth

11 Jul


It’s odd when a network comedy is protective of its secrets the way a big drama usually is. But, when it comes to The Last Man on Earth, here we are. So the panel contained little in the way of information. January Jones was there but couldn’t even confirm that she was in the next season. All we got were confirmations of things we could have already guessed. The show no longer takes place in Tucson. Jason Sudeikis will appear. Still, that’s not to say it wasn’t fun. They drank mimosas and drew faces on blow-up sports balls. But without even a Q&A, it was one of the least memorable panels I’ve seen this year.