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La Llorona: No Peace, by David Bax

Featuring both a group of people unable to leave home for an extended period of time and ongoing protests against social and racial injustice, Jayro Bustamante’s La Llorona is almost uncomfortably timely (although the latter, sadly, would not be out...


I Do Movies Badly: Class of 1984

Did Mark L. Lester, the man behind Commando, intend us to take Class of 1984 to be a satire of the overblown panic about violence in schools or a gravely serious warning about what he deemed an apathetic, dangerous next generation? Either way, it’s...


I Do Movies Badly: The Endless

Benson and Moorhead revisit the world that they established in Resolution with The Endless allowing them to explore more of the “what” of the entity controlling peoples’ fates, but still neglecting to answer the “why” or “how.”