Czech That Film Tour 2017: The Noonday Witch, by Dayne Linford

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  1. a_freudian_fan says:

    This movie is a retelling of one of the most famous Czech poems, a folklore-inspired ballad „The Noonday Witch“ (1834) by Karel Jaromír Erben. Czech kids learn it by heart at schools. A great English translation is here:

    „The Noonday Witch“ along with six other often similarly grim and terrifying ballads by the same author was adapted in 2000 by F. A. Brabec as „Kytice“ (Wildflowers), a faithful and visually quite stunning collection of short fairy tales without happy endings.

    • Dayne says:

      Thanks for the translation, I’ll definitely look into that. I saw that information doing some research before I wrote the review, but decided against its inclusion, partially because my lack of knowledge concerning the source material would only muddy the waters, and I prefer to think of a film as a singular work, without necessary context in other films, works, etc.

      I’ve started a small collection of fairy tales and mythology, related to my own interests but also a desire to raise my son in a rich storytelling world, and the scary stories are always the good ones. I’ll have to look into that collection as well.

      You leave great comments, which I really appreciate. Keep it up!

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