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  1. ursa says:

    Hi, guys,
    your “individual achievements” is the episode I look forward to most each year, so I was very happy to see it turn up on iTunes. I really agreed with your picks this time, but I also have a few of my own, some of them in legitimate categories and some in categories I kinda made up.
    Best sound editing: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – I’ve never seen (heard?) a sound editor go so wild to such great effect. How it didn’t even get an Oscar nod is beyond me.
    Best opening titles: Buried
    Best opening scene: The King’s Speech – I felt increasingly uncomfortable during it and just wanted it to stop. Whatever people say about Tom Hooper getting all the awards this season, this was an extremely well directed scene and it should be studied by every filmmaker-to-be.
    Best editing: Shutter Island – the scenes where you’re waiting for Max von Sydow to turn in his chair play so joyfully with suspense and there’s all sorts of intentional “mistakes” all over the film. I can’t help but imagine Thelma Schoonmaker and Scorsese chuckling like little kids in the editing room.
    Best costume design: True Grit – every costume has a story and is essential to our understanding of the character. The fact that Alice In Wonderland got this Oscar still pisses me off.
    Best art direction: Shutter Island again – an interesting play of what’s real and what’s fake and really enjoyable on the second viewing
    and speaking of…
    I just have to give kudos to Mark Ruffalo in that film, because I remember thinking: “Ruffalo is such a good actor, but it seems like he’s phoning it in a little here” and then going: “Oh…right. Ruffalo, you’re a genius” when I realised what was going on.
    Best character names: Winter’s Bone – Teardrop, Ree Dolly, Jessup, Thump Milton,…’nuff said, right?
    and finally
    Best scene: Nina growing wings and transforming into “The Black Swan”. I think the movie as a whole was a bit silly and was ready to hate on Tyler for liking it so much, but you know what… if the movie was even nearly as exciting and powerful for him as that scene was for me, I’m perfectly fine with it. I also think Natalie Portman’s dancer-body double should get a lot of credit for this one as well as the visual and the sound effects team. Awesome job, everyone!

    That’s it, guys, I would normally send this in an e-mail, but since you asked for comments specifically you just have to deal with it now.
    Keep on with the pretension!

  2. Jillian S says:

    Tyler talking about making a mental list of movies his father would like was an incredibly touching moment that made me tear up.

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