In this episode, Tyler and David discuss what’s coming up at this year’s LA Film Fest as well as reactions to negative reviews of Wonder Woman.

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  1. Matt Warren says:

    Despite Tyler and David’s mild poo-pooing of the LA Muse Category, I can at least confirm that every single one of the filmmakers in this section is an absolutely lovely person and I’m extremely excited to see their films. In fact (plugs ahoy) I spent the last month traveling around the city interviewing them and creating a YouTube travelogue series about the section (watch it here: http://bit.ly/2rT7w4M). Also, LA Film Festival is a blast! If anyone is coming, please feel free to flag me down and say hi! I’ll buy you a (free) beer in our lovely Festival Lounge at the historic Culver Studios.

    -Matt Warren, Digital Content Manager, Film Independent (and friend of the show)

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