Episode 586: Do We Still Need Physical Media?

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10 Responses

  1. Caleb says:

    Having been to school for film and media preservation, Matt talking about the TV edit of Superman: The Movie getting a Blu-ray release but still technically being a whole new version different from what was shown on TV really scratched an itch. I remember we were taught that multiple versions of a movie (a director’s cut and a theatrical cut for example), would/should be counted as two entirely separate works.

    By the way Tyler and David: you guys should make a few videos showcasing your home video collections. As soon as Tyler asked the question about a favorite physical media item I wanted to jump in and share mine, haha.

  2. Ray (@RaySquirrel) says:

    On the issue of Kelly Marie Tran, she has made no statement as to why she deleted her Instagram. It was merely speculated by a Twitter account (@SWTweets), an account with no official connection to Lucasfilm or Disney. That tweet was picked up by many news outlets who further speculated that KMT deleted her Instagram because of racist/sexist trolls. And those reports were reported on by other news outlets as saying “Reports state Kelly Marie Tran was harassed off Instagram by racist/sexist trolls.” Then you have everyone from Rian Johnson to Stephen Colbert saying Star Wars fans are racist/sexist trolls based on the mere speculation of a Twitter account not connected in any way to KMT or Lucasfilm.

    There are a plethora of reasons as to why Tran deleted her Instagram account. It could be because of racist/sexist harassment. It could be because she thought it was too much of a time suck. It could be that she is in Scotland right now filming Episode XI and she is under an NDA not to disclose anything about the production. But what I do know is that “Pretty Young Actress Deletes Instagram Account” is not news.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      Racist/sexist trolls are a known part of SW fandom so, even if Tran deleted her account for other reasons, I’m not sure what the point of your comment is other than to appear to defend racist/sexist trolls.

      – David

      • Dan Roy says:

        There’s no evidence she left because of harassment. It’s not a bad guess but she didn’t even have social media prior to her Star Wars role, may have just given up on it.

        • Battleship Pretension says:

          I think you’re missing the point and I’m not sure if you’re doing so intentionally. Tran was just the jumping off point for our conversation. The harassment happened whether it’s why she left or not. That was the brunt of the conversation.

          – David

          • Dan Roy says:

            1. I don’t think either of us know how much she was harassed. It could have been a lot, could have been not been above the usual levels for someone as visible as her. Could have been less, for all we know, because we don’t.

            2. The premise of the conversation isn’t relevant to the conversation?

          • Battleship Pretension says:

            The fact that there are “usual levels” is not acceptable to me. And if we’re all wrong about why Tran left Instagram, then mea culpa I guess but I still think this is a weird hill for you to choose to fight on. What is the purpose of your argument if not to give a pass to racism and sexism?

            – David

          • I think the purpose of the argument these guys are making (probably below – not sure where this will pop up) is that truthfulness and accuracy matter in any situation, even if the clarifications appear to help out the bad guys.

            We don’t leave false declarations in place because they seem to help our side, nor should anyone, ever, have to worry about whose side they might appear to be helping when clearing something up.

            That means that if someone is slinging shit about a racist/sexist troll, and you can clear it up, you clear it up. You don’t do it to support the troll, but neither do you avoid it because that might be a side effect. You do it primarily because the truth always, always matters.

            Secondarily, it helps your side not to be part of the truthfulness problem. Anyone who is willing to let lies lie loses credibility, and I think – presumptuously, maybe – that Ray and Dan Roy wanted to help you keep yours fully intact.

            When it comes to truth, choosing sides comes second, not first. And if we really believe our side is correct, we won’t worry about that prioritization. I think you are correct on this point, David. The harassment happened whether it’s why she left or not, just as you said, so why defend the part of the conversation that you now know may not be true? You don’t need it. Defending it makes it look like you do – and you really don’t. If you’re willing to drop the idea that harassment may have had anything to do with her leaving Instagram, because it may not have actually happened that way, then you gain credibility, and the rest of your points – that it definitely happens and is a shitty way to treat human beings – also gain strength.

            I just responded to fans in a Facebook group who were saying that “those guys aren’t true fans – they’re dicks.” I pointed out that, unfortunately, they can be both fans and dicks. Like it or not, Star Wars may be so enjoyable, that even dicks enjoy it. I was essentially re-iterating one of your points from the show, and, paradoxically, I got the same style of pushback – basically, guilt by association. It’s nonsense, and I do know, unpresumptuously, that you’re better than that.

  3. Philip Heard says:

    Interesting discussion. I remember 10-ish years ago many people talking about how they were getting rid of their physical media, or how they hadn’t touched any in months. For me, it boils down to affordability, availability, and convenience. I took my DVD’s out of their cases and put them in binders, and just shelve blu-rays now- for space reasons. Digital is so convenient, but can cost more than a physical copy. Miyazaki is my favorite director, and I love other Ghibli movies, too. I’ve never seen any of them for sale digitally, anywhere.

  4. Steve B. says:

    You guys may think listeners find it boring, but I love hearing discussion on how one should arrange their physical media on a shelf. I could be conditioned by another podcast I listen to, Film Junk, where the Canadian hosts have a recurring series of bonus episodes (4 parts to date) called the Movie Organization Manifesto.
    These multi-hour episodes really get into the minutiae of organizing and displaying, and the arguments between the 3 hosts can be quite humorous.
    Part 4 even includes one contributor’s “10 Commandments” for using Letterboxd.

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