Episode 759: TV Shows Turned Movies

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2 Responses

  1. bob says:

    since i don’t already see a wall of text about the X-Files, i guess i’ll take a shot at it. The showrunner’s original idea was for the show to end with Season 5, and then do movies (and that first movie would’ve wrapped up the Alien Conspiracy storyline). But Fox said “NO” and the post-movie seasons really grasp at straws to keep the Consipiracy going.

    But the “monster of the week” episodes are GREAT – if you ever binge the show, those are the ones folks like returning to. I highly recommend just watching the first 7 seasons and quitting. Great show, really stacked writer’s room. The second movie is pretty flawed, b/c Writers Strike.

    i remember reading at the time that they canceled Star Trek TNG “because why would folks go see movies if it’s still on the air?” Obviously Voyager and DS9 took off right then, though, so… And you’re right, Tyler, Insurrection plays like a long episode, and Nemesis is an improvement (but also an OBVIOUS capper w/ lots of storyline resolutions)

    What about Tales from the Crypt? Monty Python movies? I suppose anthology/sketch doesn’t lend itself to Continuity, esp if we’re not counting the SNL films.

    Maverick is a great call. And Naked Gun, completely forgot about that. The Ed Norton “Incredible Hulk” really seems to borrow a lot from the TV show, but i doubt it’s supposed to be in-continuity. Though i definitely woulda liked to have seen Bill Bixby in Brazil.

  2. bob says:

    The idea for the first Mission:Impossible movie was that the team who dies at the beginning was the cast from the TV show. But Peter Graves didn’t like the idea of Phelps being a bad guy, so he said no. And so they recast the whole thing. AFAIK Ethan Hunt as not a character in the show (i’ve seen all of the 60s series, but not the 80s revival). GREAT show

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