Episode 771. Age Gap Relationships

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    “The Lifeguard” was written & directed by a woman and is about an adult woman who has an affair with a teen boy. “Allure” (made by two men) was one of your older-woman younger-woman movies (though portrayed more negatively than your examples, perhaps because it’s set in the present), but Evan Rachel Wood really isn’t that old and my understanding is that her character was originally written as a man. I have not actually seen either of them, so I don’t know to what extent they are eroticized.

    Isn’t “Death in Venice” a famous example of an age-gap between two males? Although I think there might not be an actual relationship there rather than a one-sided obsession. Again, I haven’t read the book or seen any adaptation.

    “Diary of a Teenage Girl” is an adaptation of an autobiographical graphic novel (and again, I haven’t read/seen either). Similarly, “The Tale” was autobiographical for its writer/director, but that’s from a more mature & condemning POV rather than being locked into the child’s naivety.

    Some people have been comparing “Stoker” (the uncle-niece one you mentioned) to “The Power of the Dog”. That’s about males, but the heavily implied relationship between an older man & younger man is in the past and only referenced by the latter now that he is older (though it’s also paralleled with his stepson-in-law).

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