Episode 772. Our Personal Movie Hang-Ups

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    Dan Sallitt’s “Fourteen” features a social worker as one of the two main characters. We don’t really see her doing her job (it’s from the POV of a friend of hers and mostly about their friendship rather than jobs), but she is known to be habitually late to any job she has (and is enough of a mess one wouldn’t have much confidence she does a good job when she is present) and thus repeatedly loses jobs.

    I say slasher movies that want you to root for the death of victims are worse horror movies because it’s less scary than when you are afraid a sympathetic character might be killed.

  2. Alexander Miller says:

    First, let me say that I love this episode, love the topics and nit-picks you covered and all that. One thing that routinely annoys me, and it came it came to mind when you mentioned scenes in movies where they make plans and never go over the details, or exchange phone numbers.
    Another hang up for me, not sure if you mentioned it, but scenes when people get hired at a new job. They always shake hands, “you’ve got the job Mr. Cobblepot, congratulations, you’ll go far in this company!”

    They never discuss schedules, start dates, paperwork, salary, insurance, pto, benefits, etc. It’s always been a rock in my shoe, should I ever pen a script where someone gets hired I’ll be sure to include aforementioned info.

  3. Alexander Miller says:

    Or how about when someone is looking for something through their binoculars they always skim by it then go back?

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