Movie Meltdown: Battle of the Castings

We recently posed the question, if they made a live-action Battle of the Planets movie, who gets cast as the leads? So we settle in for a discussion about different options… from big-budget blockbuster choices to more age-appropriate actors. What are the best selections?

And while we realize we are natural social distancers, we also cover… Cowboys & Aliens, The Great, The Gift, The Mandalorian, Green Acres, Nuada,  subtitles and overdubbed, just be polite, covered in LED screens, kept upping the drama, Legolas, weird psychic link, chaotic neutral, Jon Favreau, desperate for human interaction, changing entertainment, A Clockwork Orange, vulgar moments, snippets and code, Mel Brooks, guinea pigs wearing masks, Loki, The Wicker Man, I couldn’t hit you easily, Space-X, the much-maligned, awkward teenager, The Time Machine, creating pop culture, the idealistic view, a new accessory, The Jungle Book, a dome, alternate soundtracks, ILM, the dudes who do the thing, Ishtar, dodge and parry, Göbekli Tepe, making screwdrivers and watching The Hitcher

“…it was like a live-action and like claymation, animatronic thing – combined with something that looked like Battle of the Planets.

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