Movie Meltdown: Geek Activities: Quarantine Edition 4

The geek activities check-in continues as we virtually visit with Sam Drog and see what he’s been up to and what he’s been watching in these unusual times. 

And as we realize most of what we say qualifies as a headline for Weekly World News, we also mention… The Black Hole, Train to Busan, The Lost Boys, The Girl with All the Gifts, Goonies Kool-Aid, Scandalous: The Untold Story of the National Enquirer, Crank, bubble gum, Waking Sleeping Beauty, Joel Schumacher, Titan A.E., Minecraft, Bo Welch, Late Phases, the same obsession, Jim Mickle, this requiem for disaster that going on throughout the entire movie, the unspoken demon that haunts every project, young Tim Burton, over-hyperly art directed, organic in the storytelling, name your parasites, they don’t make people like that in kid movies anymore, baroque, punk, biological possession, some families hold together… because they never see each other, it doesn’t all have to be Russian novels, Lance Guest, tabloid journalism, it’s kind of like overdosing on morphine, Mike Mendez, being a social pariah, Kids Beat, that moody John Barry music, revisiting how big the thing blew up and how gross the kills were, if there was just some way… that we could monetize all that crap in your head, the TV weatherman looking like a philosopher, The Abandoned, style-shading animation, the national historical plaque… for Freejack, I can just do some cardio and eat all day, wade into the cesspool, John Carpenter, the unstoppable tides of life, we’re freakin’ out the straits, Lego, I am so invested… in this rat person movie, a rogue named Don Bluth, there was a signal… underneath the signal, Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, Best Week Ever and someone did politely save my life. 

Spoiler Alert: Some generally referenced spoilery plot points in Train to Busan and The Girl with All the Gifts… but it’s things you probably already could tell were going to happen anyway.

“Movies are a maddening rabbit hole, and you will never escape their grasp.”

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