Movie Meltdown: Ingvild Deila: Philosophical Princess from the North

This week are coming to you “live” from Derby City Comic Con as we sit down with actress Ingvild Deila. At the moment Ingvild may be best known as the motion capture actress to portray Princess Leia in Rogue One but we feel that someone this charming and intelligent is poised to become a superstar in her own right. So listen as she tells us stories of growing up in Norway, her approach to acting and just how that led her to end up in huge films like Avengers: Age of Ultron and Rogue One.

And while we uncover the seedy origins of snozberries, we also discuss… A Ghost Story, Green Room, Them, Rear Window, Blade Runner 2049, this feeling of dread, that’s when it hit me… like a brick wall, working with Robert Downey Jr., It, a little bit of duct tape, Marc Blucas, the dot process, pool reading, stunt pie, Patrick Stewart, warrior zen monk mode, night terrors, Ethan Embry, I’m just mo-capping it today, David Lowery, Norway, you don’t get hits with class, an exercise in empathy… and imagination… and world-building, Anton Yelchin, a very creative person, Hippopotamus, Rooney Mara, It Follows, people should not be this attractive, enamel pins, history and philosophy, Grace Kelly, eating a whole pie, that little neighborhood, My Pet Monster, a viking sci-fi trilogy, waiting with the double, Denis Villeneuve, young birds, hipsters in old-timey clothes, the layers of reality, I had nightmares for weeks after the shoot, the fact that you are having this conversation with the television, muscle dudes, a simulation of life, Arnold Schwarzenegger, yep… I’m entirely green, playing Mousetrap, Casey Affleck, the “what if” scenario, Escape from Brazil, bros right next to the nerds and old white dudes carrying out boxes full of birds.

Spoiler Alert: Minor spoilers for A Ghost StoryGreen Room and They. You have been warned.

“So it was just like… one of those serendipitous moments that I got asked… and I got an introduction into being on a film set. and I just realized that… I really liked it.”

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