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Monday Movie: Ran, by Jason Eaken

Akira Kurosawa + Shakespeare = See this movie. Made in 1985, Ran contains some of the most stunningly photographed battle footage set to film. It transposes the tale of King Lear to Japan, as three brothers fight with each other and their...


Strong as an Ox, by Scott Nye

Film Noir is a label as descriptive as it is sometimes limiting. The tendency is to apply it only to crime films from a set time in American history (generally 1945-1955), and those to trade in similar tropes (the lonely...


In a New Light, by David Bax

I feel sort of guilty for the reaction I had when I first read about Agnieszka Holland’s new film, In Darkness. Upon learning that it was the true story of a group of Polish Jews hiding from the Nazis, I instinctively...

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