The Good Dinosaur: Pass the Rock, by Matt Warren

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  1. Dave Daugherty says:

    One of the weirder, perhaps nitpicky, problems I had with the film is this: Why is the human boy, Spot, a dog? There is no reason for this, aside from service to the boring “boy-and-his-dog” story tropes they are trying to hit on. The child walks on all fours, for no reason. He is not designed to look any less “evolved” than, say, the kid from The Incredibles. He’s just a kid in a loincloth. But he walks on all fours, because that’s what a dog would do. He pees like a female dog, squatting on his haunches. He kicks dirt like a dog. He is dextrous enough to create images and make clothing, but uses his mouth to carry and manipulate objects or kill things. He communicates with other humans by howling. Again, there is no reason for any of this. The humans are apparently advanced enough to tan leather, craft weapons, weave, sew, and clothe themselves… yet they talk by yowling their heads off and they walk on all fours.

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