What the Hell Are You Watching?!: Magnolia with Neil Fennell

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    I’m basically the opposite of Neil in terms of PTA, as I enjoyed Inherent Vice & Phantom Thread (and also Hard Eight, which they didn’t mention) a lot more than Boogie Nights, Magnolia & Punch-Drunk Love. I don’t identify with any of the characters in Magnolia (or the other films), but I don’t expect to identify with characters in movies and wouldn’t watch a movie which resembled my own life.

    Also, Back to the Future 2 gets time-travel wrong, but the original is also an emblematic example of how to get it wrong. And Biff is partly based on Trump, but he’s also an f-you for his namesake, Ned Tanen, who denounced Zemeckis & Gale’s script for “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” as anti-semitic.

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