BP Movie Journal 7/6/17

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  1. Mic says:

    Not to derail the discussion before it has started, but with regards GMO foods, I am largely in the same camp as David on this but one of the more reasonable concerns the anti-GMO camp has is with regards crops being treated as intellectual property. This opens the possibility that smaller farmers could get sued for copyright infringement should their crops get cross pollinated with a neighbour’s who is growing GMO crops.

    There has been one case where a farmer sued a neighbour because he couldn’t sell his produce as “organic” because there was some such cross-pollination

  2. Alex says:

    ain’t them babies drivers

    • Alex says:

      totally agree with David’s view of BABY DRIVER. very fun. very cool. but on twitter / reddit, seeing people claim that it was one of the best movies they had seen in years? get the hell out of here.

  3. Jackson H. says:

    Leave it to David Bax to perfectly articulate my thoughts on Baby Driver, so much that I will not comment on it further.

    I will instead use this space to once again recommend David Mackenzie’s Perfect Sense, because David, it is so for you. Ewan Macgregor, Eva Green, under 90 minutes, the whole shebang.

  4. Tim says:

    Yeah, there are some legit concerns over GMO foods (and for the record, I think anti-vaxers are nuts). I’m sure I eat GMO food all the time without knowing, and I don’t actively worry about it. But the industry fights so hard against requiring GMO labeling of foods…if it’s safe, what’s the harm? I’d like as much information as possible about the food I buy, and when huge corporations argue fiercely for a *lack* of transparency, that should seem a bit ominous to everyone.

    There’s not much science saying that organic foods are safer, but I still like the idea of ingesting fewer pesticides (who doesn’t?) and I appreciate the USDA Organic specification. Similarly with GMOs, people should have the option to avoid them, even if others think it’s kooky.

  5. a_freudian_fan says:

    Not only Jews ended up in concentrations camps. Also homosexuals, Roma people, members of the resistance etc.

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