EPISODE 380: artist profile of JERRY GOLDSMITH

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7 Responses

  1. Seth H. says:

    A music episode without Dr. West Anthony. This seems suspect.

  2. Philip says:

    I always love the composer spotlights even if it is weird to not hear West Anthony on them.

  3. Philip says:

    This is two week’s in a row now that Tyler’s mic has freaked out. Last week was around the 30 minute mark and this week around the 2:04 mark. It’s only for a couple seconds, but it sounds as if it’s being broadcast and the signal drops.

  4. Scott Milliken says:

    One that you guys didn’t bring up that I’m very partial to is Goldsmith’s score from Air Force One. I know you guys aren’t particularly fond of the movie, but the main theme is wonderful. It’s pretty much what a Tom Clancy novel sounds like in musical form. Majestic, Presidential, weighty. . . .but also very shallow and superficial. He knew exactly what movie he was scoring, and it might be my favorite of his except for Patton.

  5. Hudsucker says:

    Great episode, guys! I just wanted to say that when you said that “The Last Ship” didn’t have any good acting, my immediate thought was, “Even Adam Baldwin?” Good to hear that continues to be great in everything, though.

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