Interview with Jack Packard

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  1. Ray (@RaySquirrel) says:

    I’ve been on a Red Letter Media and Escapist kick recently so this episode so this episode was a pleasant surprise. I mainly follow the Escapist for Zero Punctuation Yahtzee Crowshaw, who I think is one of the most cleaver and entertaining video game critics working today. As for Red Letter Media I mainly associate it with its other hosts, so I was surprised to see Jack was a contributor to both.

    Tyler it is funny that you should joke about Gus Van Sant making a movie inspired by a video game. In the documentary miniseries The Story of Film, Van Sant revealed that the inspiration for the movie Gerry came from playing Tomb Raider. Apparently he became fascinated by the fact that camera constantly follows the player character as they walk from one place to another.

    If you are looking for another person to interview, I’d suggest host of the Every Frame a Pause podcast and creator of the 5 hour Critical Analysis of The Last Jedi YouTube user MauLer. His “Unbridled Rage” reviews for Solo and The Rise of Skywalker are more entertaining and cleaver than the movies they are reviewing.

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