Movie Meltdown: Craig Lindberg: The Magic’s in the Makeup

This week we are coming to you “live” from the 30th annual WonderFest!, featuring our special guest – makeup artist Craig Lindberg. For more than twenty years, Craig has worked in the industry on a multitude of impressive projects like The Walking Dead, Spider-Man 3Kong: Skull IslandBoardwalk EmpireElementaryGothamShutter IslandThe Greatest ShowmanPowerLimitlessThe FounderThe Magnificent SevenThe DeuceWar of the WorldsThe Tick and even on live productions like Saturday Night Live.

And as we realize we actually want to be physically touching the product, we also address… I bought a mummy, snakeskin jacket, monster kid, F. Murray Abraham, juggling, you like all the things, Bert Roth, you’ll see more dead animals than you can shake a stick at, that was my first credit card purchase, student films, Pierce’s Frankenstein, old people at a rock concert, driving to another state to buy books, cosplaying Joe Dirt, double features, nothing is wasted… unless you decide to waste it, Smee, he’s sort of a bad seed, Trainwreck, socks and sandals, weird creepy sh*t, Joe jobs, I got in the Union, a lot of it has to do with personality traits, Rob Zombie, We Need to Talk About Kevin, recreating history, Dave Ramsey, so many Affliction shirts, wanted to be an actor, the 4:30 movie, the giant spider in the cave, highlights and shadows, from Troma to Spider-Man, you made something immortal, the more irons you have in the fire, The Sound of Music, near me is where she needed to dance, Robot Monster, The Learning Annex, a lot of it has to do with maturity, Mandalorian skull, Penn and Teller, every week there was something that would feed that appetite, pleather pants, Oddities & Curiosities Expo, stretch and stipple and yay… my dentist is out of jail!

“… and the guy that I was with said, ‘You know… I think I want to make a werewolf. I think I can build one…. be a makeup artist.’ And then the light sort of flicked on.”   

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