Movie Meltdown: How About a Date with Phil Lamarr?

This week we are coming to you “live” from Indy PopCon… where we experience lots of different aspects of our geek pop culture. But most importantly, we make a date… to sit down and talk with Phil Lamarr. You probably know Phil from his ill-fated appearance in Pulp Fiction, or his years of working on MadTV, or his numerous characters on shows like Futurama, Justice League, Samurai Jack, Static Shock, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and so many others. Join us as we talk with Phil about growing up in L.A., about working with Quentin Tarantino, about getting into the voice-over industry, about saving Spider-Man from falling off a train, about crazy movie theories… plus his thoughts on the somewhat recent popularity of super hero movies.

And while we hang out with our new found dragonfly friend, we also discuss… a yo yo festival, The Girl with All the Gifts, Before I Fall, Doctor Strange, Rick and Morty, enamel pins, Sam Raimi, he is dancing like nobody is watching, I was totally assaulted in the face, doing improv, while in utero, showing undercarriage, just another tow-headed guy in a letterman’s jacket, it’s the best… and worst thing I’ve ever seen, sleeveless shirt… half mullet, idiots who get in way over their heads, learning guinea pigs, Matt Groening, kids who had agents, they couldn’t give notes, if it was any shorter it would be a belt, Julia Sweeney, if Groundhog Day and a horror movie had a baby, three characters for the price of one, in most movies you can’t add an act, the 800 pound gorilla… that built your house, my Mr. T Summer job, corporatization of media, killing your Tamagotchi, Michael Cimino in 70mm, free stylin’ with no protection, everyone is a glorified temp, pulling the South Park card, Second City, Robert Zemeckis, they are the people who leave, the Kudrow moment, fame has become popularity, let’s be gangsters, John Dykstra, wearing a shirt with your own face on it, it’s not about the medium… it’s about the quality, gangsters in Hollywood, gladiator school, you have a generation now who have grown up watching webcams, the audience is part of the show, it is a moving target, The Jellies and the guy dancing in front of the Burger King.

“…as a life philosophy the idea of just… moving forward through agreement… is the best thing you can teach somebody. In pretty much any walk of life.”

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