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As of Spin Me Round, I’ve now only seen two of Jeff Baena‘s five feature films (the other being 2017’s The Little Hours). But I’m starting to get a handle on what his whole thing is and I think I like it. First, he gets an incredible cast together. I could spend a whole paragraph listing the actors in Spin Me Round but the main players are Alison BrieAubrey PlazaAlessandro NivolaMolly ShannonZach Woods and Tim Heidecker and, beyond them, there’s hardly a single line spoken in the entire movie by someone who’s not a notable name, generally from the comedy world. Then, he plugs them into a story that sounds like–and I mean this in a good way, I swear–an idea someone came up with off the top of their head during an exercise in a creative writing class… Review

Also new to home video 1/17/23: The Menu, Till, Utama

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