The Creator: A Spectacular Void, by Scott Nye

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    That’s an overly reductive take on “Ex Machina”. Nathan has deliberately designed Ava to appeal to Caleb specifically, and acts in a way to antagonize Caleb, because the point is to test Ava’s ability to break out of an AI boxing scenario. I know there’s also a popular narrative about Caleb similarly sucking, but he’s just a sap.

    • FictionIsntReal says:

      Having just watched The Creator, it’s even more of a contrast with Ex Machina. The latter features an android with no apparent morality, and pursues its self-interest even if it has to kill any humans that could pose a threat to it. The former has them explicitly talking about how they would leave humans alone if they won the war by destroying NOMAD (although I don’t know why Harun bothers telling Josh all this).

      I didn’t see any apartheid parallels. The setting seems deliberately intended to invoke Vietnam (or perhaps Malaysia, for British audiences) instead. It’s actually surprising how pro-robot the people of the Republic of New Asia are.

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