BP Movie Journal 8/17/17

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  1. Ryan says:

    The craziest thing about Trump is not only has he destroyed the GOP from the inside, but has literally millions of Democrats hoping and praying for an anti gay theocrat President Pence.

  2. Dan Roy says:

    “Robert Pinsent – jinx, buy me a coke!” (what the hell)

  3. Steve B says:

    I just recently watched Lion too, and I liked it a lot more than Tyler. In face I felt compelled to give it 5 stars put it as my #1 movie of 2016 (I still have a bunch of acclaimed ones to see though). I myself didn’t see a great division in quality on either side of the time jump. I thought I might watch the first half and turn it off and go to bed and finish the next day, but I had to stay up late and watch the whole thing. The first half was very engaging as you know, but I really enjoyed the acting of Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman, the piano score, and both the Tasmanian and Indian locations. I loved the way they edited Saroo’s imaginary flashbacks and dreams of his biological family.

    Tyler in your talk about the movie, I couldn’t tell if you thought that the parents were being parents for the wrong reasons or the right ones. I really liked Kidman’s performance, especially her talk with Saroo near the end. In my view she was really sincere. If you can put your MTOL hat on here, I’ll say I thought it could be interpreted that she was saying in her own way (or the film’s own way) that she heard God speak to her years ago when she felt the sense that she should become an adoptive parent. I could be wrong since there were no other Christian God moments in the movie, it is an isolated faith moment. But she emphasized that it’s not hurting her ego at all when her kids are having problems. She takes on her children’s pain because she cares for them so much, but she struck me as very humble.

    Did Rooney Mara’s character really support Saroo, then not support him, then come back to supporting him? I remember it being his fault that they drifted apart. She never stopped offering support, it was just that he refused to accept it for a while.

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