BP Movie Journal 8/3/17

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  1. Mic says:

    OK so I have never seen Tombstone, and its one of those movies, as Tyler said, that people of my age praise especially in the context of Val Kilmer’s performance.

    So is it worth going back and checking out, or am I better off using the time to fill in other gaps in my movie watching?

  2. Joe Zaragoza says:

    THANK YOU, TYLER! Finally someone said what needed to be said about Tombstone!

  3. Beth says:

    Re: the Mark Linn-Baker bit on “The Leftovers,” the funny/sad part is that the other 3 main cast members of Perfect Strangers departed and MLB did not (hence the fake disappearance because he didn’t want to be left behind). Then in season three the show changed the title credits theme song to the Perfect Strangers theme for the episode in which he is featured prominently (titled.. “Don’t be ridiculous”). They went allll in.

    I’m also curious if any other women (or any women any of you guys know..) saw “The Stanford Prison Experiment” and couldn’t help but find it a kind of black comedy at some parts? It’s all terrible of course, but the predicament is soo male and I’ve always wondered how that might have influenced the study’s results. (I mean, the one female character of importance is the only one to see the study and immediately say “uh, stop, this is messed up.”) The film (well, the experiment) just bowled me over with how many markers it hits for annoying or problematic male behavior.

  4. Dan Roy says:

    Per Rock-A-Doodle, I think Bluth wanted to do a film based on the folk character Chanticleer, then in a fit of inspiration or pique decided to make him a version of Elvis. It’s a crazy move on a couple levels, because the title sounds like a corny musical but it’s actually another terrifying Don Bluth dark ride that starts with the child hero being turned into a cat then having to scare away hungry owls with a defective flashlight.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      Oh, right! I forgot to mention that the main character’s name is fucking Chanticleer.

      – David

  5. aaron says:

    Interesting David’s thoughts re: Samuel Jackson’s voice performance in I Am Not Your Negro — both times I’ve seen it, I became so lulled by the voice over that I forgot it wasn’t James Baldwin talking. You are probably right that it isn’t really a straight impression, but there is something about the intimacy or cadence that I had this experience.

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