Episode 805: Directors Who Didn’t Pan Out

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3 Responses

  1. Thomas says:

    Thought you might mention Mark Pellington under music video directors. I think The Mothman Prophecies is quite good and one of the few paranormal movies with an actual point of view on the paranormal. Arlington Road is basically a Parallax View remake which has its moments but is problematic in some ways. After that he pretty much disappears

  2. bob says:

    Antoine Fuqua didn’t “pan out”? I’d argue he’s basically the 2000’s version of Andrew Davis. A journeyman/reliable action director who hit it big exactly once (The Fugitive/Training Day), after starting with reliable actioners (The Replacement Killers & Bait).

    i suppose it’s an unfair comparison, as Fuqua’s exceeded Davis by quite a bit. but i find them to be in the same class of director.

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